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Bradley W. Bolling

Associate Professor, Food Science

Audrey Girard

Assistant Professor, Food Science

Richard Hartel

Professor, Food Science | Joint with Biological Systems Engineering

Tu Anh Huynh

Assistant Professor, Food Science

Barbara H. Ingham

Professor, Food Science | Food Safety Extension Specialist

John A. Lucey

Professor, Food Science

Gulustan Ozturk

Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science, Dairy Innovation Hub (DIH) Faculty

Jan Peter van Pijkeren

Associate Professor, Food Science

Scott A. Rankin

Professor and Chair, Food Science

Victor Ujor

Assistant Professor, Food Science


Our faculty boldly impact the global food supply’s biggest challenges, such as human health, food safety, and environmental stewardship. Representing an international profile of perspective and expertise, our faculty apply fundamental STEM principles to generate science-based solutions and discoveries. Through research, teaching, and outreach activities, our faculty members are world-renowned experts in their fields. They are also recognized for the service provided to local and global communities of work.