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Outreach Programs

Helping Enable the Wisconsin Idea

A core operating element of the University of Wisconsin is referred to as the “Wisconsin Idea” – a call to provide education that influences the lives of people well beyond the classroom. The Food Science department’s faculty and staff provide cutting edge outreach programming for various topics and programs noted below.

Upcoming Events

Enhanced Gummies & Jellies

These are courses for those seeking to gain practical knowledge in the field of gummies and jellies technology.

Resident Course in Confectionery Technology

Candy school is a course for all confectionary professionals and students to hone their understanding of how candy is produced.

Hand holding ice cream cone with Babcock Dairy Logo in the background

Dairy Foods Short Courses

Providing outreach programming for dairy foods processing.

Babcock Dairy

In addition to manufacturing iconic ice cream and dairy products, Babcock Dairy provides provides pilot-scale manufacturing and training opportunities.

Food Apps Lab

Food Application Lab

The Food Application Lab provides a multi-station, modern commercial kitchen space instruction and laboratory activities.

Safe Canning Practices demonstration

Food Safety & Health

Food Safety & Health provides additional resources to make sure that students and staff alike are able to succeed in a healthy matter.

Frozen Dessert Center

Advancing the Arts & Sciences associated with research & production of frozen desserts.


Providing support and direction for the manufacture of safe meat products.

Nutritional Bar Manufacture

Hands-on instruction for manufacturing various types of nutrition bars.

pilot plant

Pilot Plant

The Department of Food Science maintains three pilot plant facilities for food product processing studies and equipment and process evaluation.

Sensory Lab

Basic support services for the sensory assessment of manufactured foods.

Candy Basics Course

The one-week Candy Basics course is designed to instruct production, sales, and managerial personnel in candy technology.