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Current Graduate Students

Information you need to complete your program

Staying on top of your deadlines and requirements is a key component of completing your graduate degree. We’ve outlined exactly what you need to do in order to be successful and graduate on time.

Key Info

Important Information for All Graduate Students

Degree Deadlines

Degree deadlines are the cut-off dates for a degree in each term, and it is important to keep abreast of these dates when planning to graduate.


Students who are the first author of a submitted manuscript may request a ByPass. Talk to your advisor about the ByPass program.

Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plans are required at UW–Madison. Learn how to create and execute your IDP.

Library Resources

The UW-Madison Libraries give you access to millions of books, research articles, newspapers, and other materials you will need for research and assignments.



Months 3-6

First GPAC Meeting

Every Graduate Student in the Food Science Graduate Program must have their first GPAC meeting within six months of matriculation into the program. The student should first meet with their advisor, complete the Course Certification form, and have it signed by their advisor. 

Then the student should meet with their GPAC to have the form approved and signed. The completed and signed form should be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator. 

MS Course Planning Form


PhD Students



Every year, all Food Science Graduate Students must meet with their GPAC to discuss the progress in the program.

Any changes to the course certification form and research shall be approved by the GPAC during the meeting. Students will need to submit their progress form and an updated course certification form if any changes were made to the Grad Coordinator. The changes should be initialed by the GPAC.


PhD Course Planning Form

Questions about your degree process and progress?

Contact our graduate program coordinator.

Emily Merlin

Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone: (608) 263-6388