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What does it take to transfer into Food Science at UW-Madison?

A transfer student is anyone who has attended another college or university after graduating from high school and wishes to enroll in an undergraduate degree program at UW–Madison.

In order to be eligible for transfer admission, you must have completed or be in the process of completing at least 24 transferable semester hours of college-level work after high school graduation. AP, A-Level, IB, and CLEP cannot be used toward the 24 transferable credit requirement. We do not admit freshman-level transfer students.

Transferring within UW

Transferring within UW

All transfers from within UW-Madison must meet with an advisor to go through coursework before they can transfer.

Students interested in transferring need to have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Students should prepare to take an extra year if they transfer late or haven’t taken all the background science classes.

Contact Rich Hartel ( to complete transfer form online with Food Science undergraduate advisor.

Transferring from outside UW

Transferring from outside UW

Reach out to UW Admissions to make sure you meet all the requirements and apply as a transfer student.

Check Transferology to see which current courses might transfer over toward your Food Science degree. If you’re looking for a place to start, taking STEM classes like Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Calculus are necessary prerequisites for a Food Science major at UW-Madison.

Review our curricular road mad to get an overview of what courses you will need to take towards your degree.

Schedule a visit with us to tour our department and talk to an advisor one-on-one.

International Transfers

International Transfers

International Student Services (ISS) serves F-1/J-1 international students once they have been admitted to a program of study. Please direct your questions to the admission office through which you apply.