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Donate to Food Science

Consider engaging with these UW Foundation campaigns designed to support key programs within the Department of Food Science. Student scholarships, outreach programming, and departmental professorships are some of our leading campaigns. We are grateful for our current donors and look forward to engaging with all alums, friends, and family seeking to support the program’s mission.

Chairs & Professorships

Faculty Support

Chairs and Professorships

The Owen R. Fennema Professorship in Food Chemistry

The Owen R. Fennema Professorshuip in Food Science will recognize and support a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and research in Food Chemistry. The Fund’s will be utilized by the Department to provide a five-year faculty award that provides resources for Food Chemistry to pursue research, attend professional development meetings, travel, support undergraduate research, and hire graduate research assistants

Professor Robert L. Bradley Dairy Food Fund

This fund is to honor the impactful legacy of Dr. Robert L. Bradley by supporting Department faculty working in areas related to dairy foods. The Fund will be utilized by the Department to provide a five-year faculty avert that will be used to support teaching, research activities and expenses, and programs related to dairy science.

Discretionary Giving

Discretionary Giving

Support the Department

Department of Food Science Fund

Aids the Department of Food Science in its teaching, research and public service (outreach) roles. This fund is comprised of contributions and bequests from interested alumni and friends including corporations and foundations

Confectionery Education Endowment Fund

The Department of Food Science is at risk of losing the beloved ‘Candy School.’ The key purpose of this fund is to sustain and grow the 60+ year legacy of educating the confectionery industry into perpetuity. The CEE Fund will secure the future of these confectionery activities by funding part of a faculty member to manage the program and associated costs of equipment, supplies, travel, etc.


Student Support

Graduate Student Fellowship

Dr. Elmer H. Marth Graduate Student Scholarschip Fund in Food Microbiology

The Dr. Elmer H. Marth Graduate Student Scholarhip in Food Microbiology shall be used to provide financial support to graduate students who are seeking a PhD in food microbiology in CALS. This Fund shall be awarded on a competitive basis and shall be used to provide scholarships to graduate students.

Learn More About Food Science

We are grateful for all of our donors and their future-facing investments in our research, teaching and outreach programming. At the core of each of these areas are students, staff, and faculty working hard to advance our mission. Learn more about Food Science and our people at the link below.

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