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BS in Food Science and Technology, University College Cork (Ireland), 1988

PhD in Food Chemistry, University College Cork, 1992

Areas of Interest

My lab often works with researchers at the Center for Dairy Research on a variety of dairy science and technology projects. Milk protein functionality, and the critical role for calcium phosphate crosslinking for casein properties, are part of our core expertise and themes underpinning various projects. Coagulation of milk by enzymes or acids are studied for their impacts on the rennet coagulation used in cheesemaking and the acid coagulation used in cultured products. Cheese texture, and their rheological properties, are studied for their ability to control cheese performance (e.g., melting, shredding). Extending the shelf-life of various types of cheeses is studied to aid in their export to distant markets. We are also interested in the stability of sterilized dairy beverages (both neutral pH and acidic drinks). Adding value to dairy coproducts through separation or fermentation is another area of interest.