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Dairy Product Judging

Learn the fundamentals of sensory evaluation

Interested in learning more about sensory evaluation? Take this class!

Food companies have told us they want skilled future employees with sensory knowledge and tasting ability specific to the foods they make. After a semester in class you will have learned specific attributes for foods like some beverages, spreads, yogurt, frozen desserts and cheese. Many of the foods are dairy based but plant based foods in these categories are also examined.

If you like doing this, you can continue to practice your skills after qualifying by competing as part of the UW Madison Food Science’s Dairy Product Judging Team. You will test your skills along with students from other universities at a regional and a national contest.

For more information contact Beth Button 608-265-2338 or

Donate to the UW Madison Food Science Dr. Bob Bradley Foundation

A key purpose of this fund is to support training and participation in the Dairy Products Judging Team in honor of Professor Dr. Robert L. Bradley.

Volunteer to assist with training students in the class as well as those that are on the Dairy Products Evaluation Team.

We could use products, special samples, and occasional company insights. Email Beth at

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