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Robert L. Bradley

Emeritus Professor, Food Science

Research activity is focused in the general areas of food products development, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, frozen dessert technology, analytical methods of food analysis and dairy foods technology.

Yvonne K. Bushland

Retired Senior Lecturer

Yvonne Bushland is a retired Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science. After completing her BS degree in food science and dietetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Yvonne and her husband Gary joined the United States Peace Corps. Yvonne served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a rural village in Western Malaysia where she taught English as a second language in the village elementary school. She also worked with the village youth club and the Women’s Institute in developing programs for food and nutrition education in the village.

Srinivasan Damodaran

Joint Appointments in Food Science

Determining physical properties and quality factors of food materials and design of sensors and instrumentation for quality evaluation of food materials nondestructively. Rheological and transport properties, structure-function relationships; value-added food and non-food processes of biomaterials.

J.H. von Elbe

Emeritus Professor & Chair

Mark Etzel

Emeritus Professor, Food Science

Douglas B. Hyslop

Emeritus Professor, Dept of Food Science

Michael W. Pariza

Emeritus Professor, Food Science Director Emeritus, Food Research Institute

Kirk L. Parkin

Emeritus Professor, Food Science

James L. Steele

Emeritus Professor, Food Science

Monica Theis

Senior Lecturer

Amy Lee Wong

Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology