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Yvonne K. Bushland

Yvonne K. Bushland

Retired Senior Lecturer

Yvonne Bushland is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science. After completing her BS degree in food science and dietetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Yvonne and her husband Gary joined the United States Peace Corps. Yvonne served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a rural village in Western Malaysia where she taught English as a second language in the village elementary school. She also worked with the village youth club and the Women’s Institute in developing programs for food and nutrition education in the village.

When Yvonne finished her Peace Corps assignment she returned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she completed an MS degree in foods and nutrition. While working on her graduate degree Yvonne served as a teaching assistant — a position that kindled her love for working with undergraduate teaching and learning.

Yvonne’s first position after completing her graduate degree was with the University of Wisconsin Extension. She worked with Mary Mennes on a four-year Title 1 grant and developed a management-training program for Wisconsin school foodservice workers. The program was adopted by and is now conducted through the state technical colleges.

Since 1971 Yvonne has been teaching a variety of undergraduate courses in the Department of Food Science. Her major focus has been the development and teaching of The Nature of Food lecture and laboratory courses that provide basic food science instruction for dietetics majors and intermediate level biological science credit for students in L&S. Over the years she has also participated in teaching physical chemistry of food, food analysis and food processing laboratories and a career orientation course for food science majors. In more recent years she has developed and taught a three-part culinology sequence in one of the department’s foodservice management courses.

Yvonne also participates in the department’s outreach programs. She enjoys taking her “food science detective” out to area elementary classrooms where she helps the students complete food science experiments in their classrooms. Yvonne has also enjoyed participating as an instructor in the UW Extension and Alumni Association’s Grandparents’ University.

Her interest in the emerging field of culinology has led her to participate in some chef-educator training programs and to serve as a food science resource for a Research Chef’s Association/IFT workshop at Kendall College.