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Photo of Monica Theis, Senior Lecturer

Monica Theis

Senior Lecturer

Monica Theis is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. After completing her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Wisconsin, Monica worked for the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics as an administrative dietitian. Responsibilities included managing the Patient Meal Service operation for the hospital and providing management consultant services to area organizations including hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and community programs. In 1988 Monica left the hospital to become director of Food and Nutrition services at Maplewood of Sauk-Prairie, a 120-bed nursing home in southern Wisconsin.

Since 1990, Monica has been teaching and providing community outreach services at the University of Wisconsin. She is responsible for teaching all food and nutrition management courses in the dietetics programs and provides teaching support for a number of courses in the Food and Nutritional Sciences departments. She also co-teaches a course entitled Food Laws and Regulations.

Monica is particularly interested in Food Safety from a practical, applied perspective in foodservice operations. She is committed to assisting foodservice operations with design and implementation of well-designed food safety programs that include feasible HACCP and cleaning/sanitation components. She is currently working with the Babcock Dairy to design a facility-specific HACCP program.

Monica has published books, journal articles and news columns to facilitate communication on current food safety issues. She is co-author of a textbook entitled Introduction to Foodservice and is co-author of the American Dietetic Association’s (ADA) current position statement on food and water safety. Monica is a regular feature writer on food safety for The Consultant Dietitian, a quarterly newsletter for ADA’s consultants’ practice group.