Bolling, Bradley W.

Assistant Professor, Food Science
(608) 890-0212
Food chemistry and analysis, dietary phytochemicals, functional foods and prevention of chronic disease.

Damodaran, Srinivasan

Professor, Food Science
(608) 263-2012
Enzyme chemistry and technology; food chemistry; protein chemistry and technology.

Etzel, Mark R. (joint with Chemical Engineering)

Professor, Food Science
Joint with Chemical Engineering
(608) 263-2083
My research applies separation science to the manufacture of proteins and food ingredients for health and nutrition applications, and uses primarily membrane separations, drying, and chromatography.

Hartel, Richard W. (joint with Biological Systems Engineering)

Professor, Food Engineering
Joint with Biological Systems Engineering
(608) 263-1965
Phase transitions (crystallization, glass transition, drying) in foods, with a focus on confectionery (chocolate, sugar candy, etc.) and dairy (ice cream) products.

Huynh, Tu Anh

Assistant Professor, Food Science
(608) 262-5960
Research interests: molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and stress response, bacterial signaling, bacterial pathogen - host interactions, small molecule-protein interactions, food safety.

Ingham, Barbara H.

Professor, Food Science
Food Safety Extension Specialist
(608) 263-7383
Research and extension in support of Wisconsin's food industries focusing on meat and dairy foods safety. Training and one-on-one consulting for small processors of acidified foods. Lead instructor and coordinator of the Better Process Control School.

Lucey, John A.

Professor, Food Science
(608) 265-1195
Dairy chemistry/technology; physico-chemical properties of dairy products; cheese technology; rheological properties of dairy products.

Parkin, Kirk L.

Professor, Food Science
CALS Friday Chair of Vegetable Processing Research
(608) 263-2011
Food chemistry and biochemistry, enzymology, bioactive phytochemicals and nutraceuticals, fruit and vegetable processing and preservation.

Rankin, Scott A.

Chair and Professor,
Food Science
(608) 263-2008
Characterization of primarily dairy food flavor with sensory and instrumental techniques; programs and short courses in support of the dairy foods processing industry.

van Pijkeren, Jan Peter

Assistant Professor, Food Science
(608) 890-2640
Research Interests: Gaining a better understanding how intestinal bacteria interact with their host; Design and development of biotherapeutics to prevent or treat acute and chronic human diseases.

Academic Staff

Button, Beth

Faculty Assistant, CFS
(608) 265-2338

Lopez-Hernandez, Arnoldo

(608) 262-3046
Introduction to the Science and Technology of Food (FS301),
Integrated Food Manufacturing (FS532).

Noll, Tamala L.

Building & Pilot Plant Manager
(608) 263-5766

Smith, Nicholas

Associate Outreach Specialist - Enologist
(608) 890-3397

Theis, Monica L.

Senior Lecturer
(608) 263-2225
Teaching and outreach focus is on management of food and nutrition operations with a special emphasis on food safety and local sustainability.


Dairy Plant Manager
(608) 265-2726

Faculty with Joint Appointments in Food Science

Gunasekaran, S.

Biological Systems Engineering Department, 460 Henry Mall, 262-1019
Determining physical properties and quality factors of food materials and design of sensors and instrumentation for quality evaluation of food materials nondestructively. Rheological and transport properties, structure-function relationships; value-added food and non-food processes of biomaterials.

Associated Research Faculty

Claus, James R.

Animal Science Department, 1675 Observatory Drive, 262-0875
Meat science and technology. Fresh meat quality, muscle pigment chemistry, tenderness, and processed meats technology relative to red meats and poultry.

Darien, Benjamin

3256 Veterinary Medicine Bldg, 2015 Linden Dr, 265-2670
Large animal urinary, anemia and endocrinology; septic shock syndrome.

Jeffries, Thomas (joint with Bacteriology)

Forest Product Laboratory, One Gifford Pinchot Drive, 231-9453

Johnson, Eric A. (joint with Bacteriology)

Physiology of toxigenic gram-positive sporeforming bacteria, especially Clostridium botulinum. Research on botulinum toxin. Microbiological safety of foods. Natural antimicrobial systems. Yeast fermentations and food spoilage.

Kaspar, Charles W.

Microbial ecology, gastrointestinal microbiology, and molecular biology of bacterial stress protection systems.

Richards, Mark P.

Animal Science Department, 1675 Observatory Drive,
Lipid Oxidation processes that affect quality in muscle foods. Investigation into mechanisms of lipid oxidation mediated by the heme proteins, hemoglobin and myoglobin.

Yu, Jae-Hyuk

Mycotoxins and food safety. Fungal molecular genetics, Signal transduction, and Physiology.

Research Associates

Ruisong Pei

Research Associate
(860) 786-8828
Functional foods; Plant polyphenols and gastrointestinal health; Dietary intervention, obesity and chronic diseases.

Emeritus Faculty and Staff

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