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What is Food Science?

Food Science is the scholarly and exciting study of all things food! More specifically, Food Science is the study and application of science to the analysis, processing and manufacturing of foods. These sciences include chemistry, biology, microbiology, and physics. The goal of discovery in the realm of Food Science is to solve todays global-to-local food and health problems including hunger, food waste, food safety, and chronic disease, while providing a safe and nutritious food supply to all.

What classes will I be taking?

In concert with the definition of Food Science, our curriculum begins with foundation courses in the basic sciences of chemistry, biology, microbiology and physics. Student’s progress to advanced, food-focused courses including Food Chemistry, Food Analysis, and Food Microbiology. Finally, our integrated curriculum culminates with several applied courses that address food from an industry perspective. These courses include Food Engineering, Food Preservation and Food Functionality. Senior year includes a two-semester “capstone” where students work in teams to study a specific food related problem and design a feasible solution. (See roadmap for a four-year sequence of courses).

Can I study abroad and finish my degree within four years?

Yes! With timely and creative planning there are options to study abroad and complete the degree within four years. Opportunities include: France, The Netherlands and Australia. For more information on Study Abroad options:

Where will I be qualified to work and what will I be doing?

Upon completion of our degree in Food Science, graduates are qualified to work as professional food scientists in a wide range of businesses and government agencies. The most common positions are in research, product development, production management and regulatory enforcement.

Does the Department of Food Science offer scholarships?

Yes! Each year we award roughly $50,000 through numerous scholarships. For more information on Scholarships:
The Food Industry is a fast-paced, competitive, and growing sector of the global economy. The Department of Food Science prepares graduates to contribute to a variety of areas in this exciting professional field. With nearly 100% job placement, our graduates are equipped to compete and succeed in a modern global economy.