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Plant Protein Innovation Center Spotlight

The Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC) 5th Research Spotlight Meeting 2024, held on May 21-22 at the Plant Protein Innovation Center, University of Minnesota, proved to be an insightful and productive event. Members of Dr. Audrey Girard’s lab delivered several posters, showcasing their cutting-edge research.

Left to Right: Tayana Roark, Shima Momen, and Sanjana Sawant

The conference provided a valuable platform for networking with industry experts, researchers, and professionals in plant protein innovation. This facilitated knowledge exchange and potential collaborations for future projects. Attendees also participated in panel discussions on current trends and challenges in the plant protein industry, broadening their understanding of market needs and scientific developments.

When asked about their experience, Sanjana Sawant, a doctoral student in Dr. Girard’s lab stated, “attending the conference was a rewarding experience as it allowed me to grow professionally through networking opportunities. I received valuable feedback on my research and gained insights into the latest research trends relevant to both academia industry, making it a very informative event.”

Shima Momen presenting at PPIC Spotlight Meeting
Sanjana Sawant Presenting at PPIC Spotlight Meeting

For Tayana Roark, a Master’s student, this was her first graduate conference. “It was a great opportunity to network with researchers and industry professionals from around the globe, show off the research I’ve completed thus far, and receive feedback. It was also insightful to speak with other graduate students about their research and plans for the future. All in all, it was a very insightful experience, and I would love to attend another PPIC conference,” finished Roark.

Shima Momen, a Postdoctoral Researcher Associate, is excited to implement all that she learned from the conference and to continue their work in enhancing food protein science.