The Department of Food Science offers graduate study leading to Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Students with satisfactory undergraduate training in fields such as food science, dairy science, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, microbiology, or any biological sciences will have a suitable background for graduate studies in Food Science.

The Department of Food Science faculty, as well as affiliated faculty from other departments, has varied research interests and offer students research and educational programs that encompass the core disciplines of chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and nutrition.

Individuals obtaining advanced degrees in Food Science will find employment opportunities in academic teaching and research; government research and regulatory activities; industrial research, development, processing, quality assurance, consumer service, and sales; and in industrial or institutional management positions requiring a high level of scientific training.

In order to be admitted to the Department of Food Science, a faculty member must agree to accept you into his/her research group and provide you with laboratory and desk space. The faculty member also makes the decision if he/she will offer you a research assistantship (RA). When faculty members have an opening in their research group, they evaluate applicants to determine who will be invited to fill any openings. This decision is usually based on the applicant's academic background and qualifications, work experience, and funding sources. Some professors do not accept students unless RAs are available through outside funding agencies. When a grant is approved, the professor searches for a well-qualified applicant to work on a specific research project. They try to match research assistantships with individuals whose interests and expertise are suited to the research project.

No special form is required by the department to be considered for financial support. The Reasons for Graduate Study which you submit will be evaluated along with letters of recommendation, transcripts and GRE scores to determine if a professor is willing to accept you into his/her research group and if he/she will offer you an RA. RAs are awarded by individual professors through funds available to their research programs. RAs include a stipend, tuition remission, and an excellent health insurance package; fellows and RAs are offered the same health insurance package as Wisconsin state employees.

All applicants are considered for financial support; no additional application materials are necessary.