John A. Lucey

John A. Lucey

Professor, Food Science
A203A Babcock Hall
(608) 265-1195
FAX (608) 262-6872

Lucey Lab


Chemistry and Technology of Dairy Products, FS511/FS611.

Research Interests

Dairy chemistry, food rheology, dairy technology and structure-function relationships of food products, specific interests include: 1) Formation of various types of milk protein-based gels (e.g. cheese and yogurt), 2) The physico-chemical properties of cheese which influence or determine their structure, texture, rheology and functionality, 3) Interactions between milk proteins and hydrocolloids in food systems, 4) Effects of processing treatments on the properties and functionality of dairy products including milk; cheese; yogurt; dairy beverages; and emulsions, and 5) Food protein-polysaccharide complexes as new ingredients. The focus of these research interests is to try to understand basic mechanisms that can be used to explain applied problems or gain insights into food functionality.

Facilities available in our group include a lab-scale two-stage homogenizer, a Microfluidizer, TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer, Zeiss Epi-Fluorescence Microscope, four small scale (20 liter) cheese vats, UDS 200 Paar Physica controlled stress rheometer capable of operating in a wide range of testing modes (e.g. viscometry, dynamic oscillation, high temperature/pressure conditions, creep, yield stress, etc.), a Waters HPLC system (which includes photodiode array, refractive index detector and autosampler), computerized pH titration system from Mettler, PAGE unit, UV spectrometer, refrigerated centrifuge and multi-angle laser light scattering detector.


  • B.S. Food Science, University College, Cork (Ireland) 1988
  • Ph.D. Food Chemistry, University College, Cork (Ireland) 1992
  • Scientific and Professional Organizations

  • Institute of Food Technologists
  • American Dairy Science Association
  • Society of Dairy Technology
  • National Chair of US Section of International Dairy Federation (IDF)
    - Committee on Characterization of Physical Properties
  • Selected Publications

    Seven of the peer-reviewed papers published by Lucey have been cited more than a 100 times. This indicates that these publications have a high impact on the field.

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