Richard W. Hartel

Richard W. Hartel

Professor, Food Engineering
A13 Babcock Hall
(608) 263-1965
FAX (608) 262-6872

Hartel Lab

Research Interests

Primary area of research encompasses food engineering with a particular emphasis on phase transitions in foods. Crystallization and glass transitions play an important role in determining textural and physical properties of many food products. Understanding these phase transitions is critical to proper design, development and control of many food processes. In particular, our research group studies crystallization of ice (freeze concentration, recrystallization in frozen desserts), sugars (refining, confectionery applications) and lipids (milk fat fractionation, mixed lipid crystallization in chocolates and confections) as well as glass transition events of importance to stability and shelf life of foods. This work involves fundamental understanding of the physical chemistry of these phase transitions, kinetics and applications of this understanding to real products. In general, we apply these principles to food products like ice cream, confections, chocolate and compound coatings, and dairy products.

Recent projects include:

  • Understanding the mechanism of partial coalescence of fat globules and the importance for controlling partial coalescence in ice cream
  • Studying and characterizing the numerous types of bloom that occur in chocolates and compound coatings
  • Characterizing crystallization kinetics of lipids of importance in chocolates and compound coatings, particularly the effects of minor impurities and the catalytic effect of particulate additives
  • Studying the kinetics and mechanisms of ice formation and recrystallization during manufacture and storage of ice cream
  • Understanding the effects of ingredient and process parameters on caramel properties
  • Developing thickened fluids for people with swallowing problems (dysphagia) and understanding what properties of these fluids allow dysphagia sufferers to successfully swallow them.
  • Education

  • B.A. Physics State University College of NY at Potsdam 1972
  • M.S. Agric. Engineering Colorado State University 1976
  • Ph.D. Agric. Engineering Colorado State University 1980
  • Selected Publications

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