About Us

Founded in 2012, The Frozen Dessert Center (FDC), is housed within the Food Science Department of the University of Wisconsin Madison. We draw expertise from professors, researches, and industry professionals that have dedicated decades to better understanding frozen desserts.

Our Mission
Our mission is to support the frozen dessert industry with technical expertise, to promote and push research forward, and provide learning experiences for all types of students.

We do this by offering the following services:

• Development- We create legal products that meet the clients desired performance and functionality needs.
• Trials- Small and large-scale mix and frozen product trials in our pilot plants or in the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant.
• Analysis- Testing methods designed to better understand the attributes of your unique product.
• Education- Development of resource materials to educate the public and industry about all types of frozen desserts, manufacturing practices, and food safety.
• Extension- Through the CALS Outreach Services we offer several short courses covering the manufacturing, food safety, and chemistry of frozen desserts and other dairy foods.

We work through the Business Administrative Services at the University to comply with all insurance, non-disclosure agreements and other relevant paperwork. The cost of our services vary depending on the needs of the project, time involved, and equipment necessary to complete your project.