About Us

The Frozen Dessert Center at Babcock Hall, founded in fall of 2012, combines the frozen dessert expertise and resources housed within the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Food Science Department. We also have the resources of other areas within the university to call upon for additional assistance should our client’s needs require that.

We are committed to assisting the Frozen Dessert Industry with various services:

Development - Work with companies to design trials
Trials - Small and large-scale mix and frozen product trials
Data/Reports - Microstructure and sensory analyses and reports
Overall – Helping companies carryout projects from ideas to actual legal products
Education – Develop resource materials to educate the public and industry regarding food safety,
good manufacturing practices, sanitation and general information regarding frozen desserts
Extension – Through the CALS Outreach Services we assist with several short courses related
to Dairy Foods manufacture, sanitation and chemistry

The Center provides learning platforms for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This gives our students practical experience that will be valuable upon completion of their degrees. We work through the Business Administrative Services at the University to comply with all insurance, non-disclosure agreements and other relevant paperwork. The cost of our services vary depending on the needs of the project, time involved and equipment necessary to complete your project.