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The Department of Food Science Ambassadors are dedicated student leaders who represent
the department in recruiting prospective students, educating peers, and networking with professionals.
Food Science Ambassadors are student volunteers who represent the department in a variety of ways:
Lead campus tours for parents, visitors, and prospective students. Give presentations
about careers in agriculture and college life. Represent the Department of Food Science at information fairs.
Work in coordination with Student Outreach to raise awareness of Food Science as a STEM-based program,
on-campus and in the local and surrounding communities.

Tori Budin

Hi! My name is Tori Budin, and I am a senior in Food Science, and my favorite food is frozen custard. I am originally from Ohio, but I went to high school in the Chicago suburbs, New Trier High School. I discovered food science in high school from my chemistry teacher, as he knew I had a love for baking and chemistry. I originally was thinking about going into chemical engineering, but it did not seem like the right fit, and when I looked into food science, it had everything I wanted! My love for baking has not died down, and for that reason, my focus within food science is in bakery and confections. Last summer, I worked at Kerry Taste and Nutrition as a bakery applications intern and will be returning this summer before starting my Masters in the fall. As I finish my time as an undergraduate, I am on the Food Science Club Board as New Member Involvement Chair, work in Professor Girard's lab, and I also am a senior discussion leader in our Intro to Food Science course. In my four years as a food science major, I have participated in product development, worked in quality for the Babcock Dairy plant and studied abroad at a food science master's program in France!

Nathan Riehle

Hey, I'm Nathan Riehle, and I'm a Senior in Food Science. I'm from the small town of Trempealeau, Wisconsin and my favorite food has to be a good brat while tailgating for sports games. While in high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but really enjoyed science and math. I stumbled upon food science when looking at potential majors that are available and found it very interesting. This led me to learn more about it by joining the Food Science Club when arriving on campus my freshman year, and I haven't looked back since. While getting my undergrad degree, I have had two summer internships: a production internship with DFA working on spray-dried cheese powders and an R&D internship with TreeHouse Foods working on their boxed mac and cheese. I also worked in the Babcock Dairy plant making ice cream before it closed for construction. During my time here, I have been involved in the food science club serving on the executive board as the fundraising chair for a year and as the product development chair for two years. I am also a senior discussion leader for Food Sci 201.

Katelyn Brockman

Hello! My name is Katelyn Brockman, and I am a sophomore in the Food Science program! I am from the town of Pulaski, Wisconsin, which is close to Green Bay, and my favorite food is salmon. My love for food science started when I was in high school. I was interested in how food products were made as well as dairy. My dad works for a cheese company, so I was able to get a close-up of how cheese is manufactured. Which only aided in my growing interest for food science! Because I love dairy, specifically cheese, I decided that my focus in food science will be dairy! Currently, I am working at the Center of Dairy Research here in Madison and am working as their food safety student help, and I plan to continue this job throughout the summer! Currently, I am involved in the Food Science Club as well as the Food Science Ambassadors and plan to become more involved in the club and Slow Foods. Contact:

Sami LeFever

Hello! My name is Sami LeFever and I am currently a junior in Food Science. I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and my favorite food is pasta! I originally came to UW Madison as a part of the chemical engineering program. However, I became uninterested in the major and struggled to see its application in my day-to-day life. After exploration across campus, I stumbled upon Food Science and became extremely invested in all that it had to offer. Since then, I have worked in a lab on ice cream and candy, and over the last summer, I worked for the Frozen Dessert Center at Babcock to make specialty ice creams for different companies. I also continued to get involved in the major by being a part of the Food Science club, where I have been the Outreach chair for the last year, working with local schools to teach kids about Food Science! I am also a part of the Food Science Ambassador program and the product development teams. Contact:

Calvin Slaughter

My name is Calvin Slaughter. I am a sophomore in the food science program, and I am from right here in Madison. My favorite food is tortellini with pesto cream sauce, especially if I have the time to make homemade ricotta for the filling. There were a lot of majors I was interested in when I applied to colleges. Still, I decided on food science because it provided a unique combination of my passion for cuisine and the sciences. Since then, I have never questioned that decision. There are a seemingly endless number of opportunities this program provides. A couple of experiences that I have especially enjoyed have been working at the campus meat science laboratory and participating in product development competitions with the food science club. There is never a bland moment in this major! Contact:

Zoe Atkins

Zoe Atkins is a senior in the undergraduate food science program from Grand Rapids, Michigan. While working as a research assistant in Dr. Rich Hartel’s ice cream and candy lab, she served as Historian, Social Chair, and Vice President of the UWMadison Food Science Club - competing on product development teams and College Bowl (food science trivia). As a product development intern, Zoe first joined Nature’s Fynd: a plant-based start-up making meat and dairy analogs from fungus. The following summer, she interned with Cargill’s Cocoa & Chocolate Research & Development team. Zoe grew up on a hobby farm with cats, dogs, horses, sheep, tortoises, chickens, ducks, bunnies, and black swans. There, she developed a love and respect for all creatures that she hopes to apply as a product developer of plant-based, sustainable foods. When forced to choose, ice cream is her favorite food. Contact:

Conner Mills

Hello! My name is Connor Mills, and I am a freshman from Racine, WI, in the Food Science program. My favorite food is definitely sushi. Since I am a freshman, I am very new to this program and have been trying to get as involved as I can. I am currently in the Food Science Club as well as an ambassador for Food Science. My decision to come to Madison for Food Science was easy since this major provides a great deal of interesting jobs and internships. I first learned about Food Science through an alumni who would always bring back leftover candy from her job, and I thought that was really cool. As I began to explore Food Science and what it has to offer, I grew very interested in it and decided it was the right fit for me. Contact: